Dan Begel M.D., Psychiatrist

Dan Begel M.D.


Dr. Begel provides high quality psychiatric care for adolescents and adults, including both psychotherapy and medication.

For the athletic community, he provides therapy and consultation to athletes, teams, athletic organizations, and schools.

In forensic psychiatry, Dr. Begel performs independent medical examinations, testimony, and record review.


Dan Begel M.D.

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Begel believes that self-knowledge provides the basis for change. His choice of treatment depends on the needs of his patients. He provides psychodynamic psychotherapy, along with brief therapies, including cognitive behaviour therapy along with imaging, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques. He incorporates a family systems perspective and prescribes medications when indicated. The use of medication is tailored to the specific circumstances of his patients, rather than to their diagnoses. Dr. Begel collaborates fully with other therapists his clients may be seeing.

In all circumstances Dr. Begel aims to be helpful. He does not need his patients to validate his own point of view. Dr. Begel offers respect, kindness, clarity, understanding, and hope.

Dan Begel M.D.

Forensic Psychiatry

Every Case Contains Two Human Stories...Only One is True.

Dan Begel, M.D. is a graduate of Yale College, Yale School of Medicine, and the Yale University Department of Psychiatry Residency Program. He is a gifted clinician, which enables him to pinpoint specific details that add power to a forensic narrative. His reports and testimony are lucid, backed by expert knowledge, jargon-free, focused on the forensic question, and easily understood by the layperson.

In personal injury litigation Dr. Begel provides an accurate account of psychiatric injury as well as an objective assessment of malingering. In criminal proceedings Dr. Begel explains the contribution of insanity to criminal behavior and the capacity of a convicted defendant for rehabilitation. He is adept at separating fact from fiction in opposing expert testimony.

Dr. Begel has unique credentials in the area of Sport Psychiatry. He is the founding president of the International Society for Sport Psychiatry, as well as co-editor and primary author of the first textbook of sport psychiatry. A review of his work in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that Dr. Begel's psychodynamic understanding of the athlete is...unparalleled. The testimony of Dr. Begel adds authority to any civil or criminal proceeding involving athletes.

Dan Begel M.D.

Sport Psychiatry

Dr. Begel pioneered the field of Sport Psychiatry, founding the International Society for Sport Psychiatry and editing, with Bob Burton,M.D., the first textbook of sport psychiatry. A review of his work in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated Dr. Begel's psychodynamic understanding of the athlete is...unparalleled.

Dr. Begel provides performance-enhancement services, along with treatment for sport-related issues, such as choking, slump, dealing with injury, problems with coaches and teammates, and training dilemmas. His adapts his care of athletes with psychiatric problems to the athletic context. Dr. Begel also provides consultation services to schools, as well as to amateur and professional sports teams.

Dr. Begel is author of "The Athlete's Creed", an affirmation especially for young athletes.

Here is Dr. Begel's seminal 1992 article that defined sport psychiatry, along with a recent update of the field. This article describes some important considerations for clinicians who are consulting to teams.

Dan Begel M.D.


Dr. Begel hails from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. He earned his undergraduate and medical degrees at Yale University, where he also completed his residency in psychiatry. In medical school Dr. Begel studied the classics of behavioral science and the foundations of clinical practice. As an undergraduate, he was a member of Yale's football team and has continued his interest in sports as a pioneer of Sport Psychiatry. Along with his clinical work Dr. Begel carries out research in the area of Acoustic Psychometry, the assessment of mental states based on the signal processing of speech. Dr. Begel is affiliated with St. John's Medical Center in Santa Monica. He is a devoted father and enjoys golf, sports, theater, and jazz music.

Dan Begel M.D.


Dr. Begel charges $500 for an assessment, $450 for psychotherapy, and $300 for medication management.

For clients who are unable to pay the full amount, Dr. Begel will adjust his fee.

Forensic fees are available on request.

Dan Begel M.D.





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